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Everything you need to initiate, improve and share your TM1 skills and know-how.

Why choose Cubewise EDU
for your TM1 Training?

Cubewise EDU has a comprehensive range of in-classroom or online, instructor-led or self-paced courses for TM1 beginners through to TM1 gurus.

We have made our training available in every relevant format so that no matter how you best learn and no matter where you are in the world, you can get a high quality TM1 education. We can help you at every step along the way, whether you are just looking at TM1 for the first time or if you have been doing TM1 heavy lifting already for years.

Cubewise EDU runs knowledge sharing and training events across the globe to make sure that the TM1 Community is always connected and teaching each other.

Teacher-to-student learning is only one way to learn, but Cubewise EDU also provides the opportunity to meet, connect and learn from people like you, who are doing what you do with TM1 around the world. Our legendary Cubewise EDU TM1 User Conferences, our ongoing educational webinars and Cubewise EDU Client Days as well as many other events makes sure that you are plugged in and aware of all of the latest innovations and goings-on with your TM1 peers worldwide.

Cubewise EDU administers the most comprehensive TM1 Developer Credential ever to help TM1 Developers prove their battle-tested skills to employers.

Training is not enough – you need to be able to verify that you actually can apply your skills in the real world. That is why we developed and support the Cubewise EDU TM1 Developer Credential, which is a comprehensive test of your TM1 developer capabilities in which you must actually build and present a TM1 model to an assessor.

The Cubewise EDU TM1 Developer Credential is the only accreditation that proves definitively that you know how to build and deploy a quality TM1 system.

Everything at Cubewise EDU is developed and delivered by highly experienced TM1 consultants.

As with everything at Cubewise, Cubewise EDU services are carried out with care by people who love, live and breathe TM1. Our trainers are always TM1 consultants that can go “off-book” to answer real-life questions and talk through specific scenarios because they have deep experience and are battle tested in doing it in real life.

What can Cubewise EDU
do for you and the TM1 community?

Comprehensive TM1 training of all shapes and sizes, all over the world

Credentialing of TM1 Developers

Running knowledge sharing events globally

Putting out all forms of TM1 educational content for public consumption