Support and run TM1

The Cubewise CARE Support and Managed Services team applies Cubewise’s deep know-how to help you measure, sustain and continuously improve the value of your TM1 application ecosystem.

What does
Cubewise Care do?

TM1 Support services, both onshore and offshore.

TM1 Managed Services, where we take responsibility for your full TM1 environment.

Why engage
with Cubewise Care?

We eliminate key person risk by providing a large team of highly experienced people that love doing TM1.

Good TM1 systems can be very low maintenance and implemented by very small teams, which means that often only one or two people at your business may know the details of how and why the TM1 system is the way it is. We can help ensure that these key people have a backup and safety net through our consultants, who can be onshore or offshore.

We prove continuous improvement of your TM1 applications by measuring it and making it transparent using Pulse for TM1.

Cubewise CODE’s Pulse for TM1 is a crucial tool for anyone running and managing a TM1 system and Cubewise knows how to get the most out of it to make sure you never have a black-box TM1 model. Furthermore, we use Pulse for TM1 to ensure and track the continuous improvement of your system with our ongoing support. Pulse for TM1 allows us to track performance improvements, user adoption improvements and system complexity improvements among many other things.

Our unprecedented global reach and size enables the scalability and flexibility you need to have the support when and where you need it.

Cubewise is worldwide, so we can cover any time zone and provide onshore support almost everywhere. In addition, we are confident that Cubewise has the strongest offshore TM1 consulting team anywhere based in India if offshore support is what you are after.