Our deep TM1 know-how. Embedded in TM1-based business applications

Apliqo's solutions strive to streamline the collaboration between all business functions of your organisation

Who are Apliqo?

A Cubewise company focused developing pre-built TM1 business applications.

We have a very strong and close relationship with Apliqo and believe in what they are doing – essentially creating the best pre-built TM1 FP&A apps anywhere.

We sell and implement their products and they support and embed Cubewise products and best practices in their products. Go check them out at their place at apliqo.com

What does Apliqo do?

Apliqo develops pre-built TM1 business apps

Apliqo’s battle-tested products

Apliqo FPM for FP&A screenshots
Customise Apliqo solutions based
on a flexible business-modelling engine
(IBM Planning Analytics).

Apliqo C+C: Smart financial consolidation that streamlines your process.

Apliqo FPM is an integrated pre-built app for planning and reporting of P&L (Income Statement) Balance Sheet and Cash Flow. Everything you need, beautifully written and ready to go in TM1.  

Apliqo OPM is a growing laundry list of great operational apps that can sit alone or plug into Apliqo FPM. The list includes S&OP Planning, Capital Asset Planning, Workforce Planning, Travel and Expense Planning, Sales Profitability Analysis, Supply Chain Management and Marketing Planning and keeps growing.

Apliqo C+C is the proper financial consolidation and close product that the TM1 platform always could support, but never had. As you’d expect, it works seamlessly with the rest of the Apliqo products.

Apliqode Development Framework is a free set of TM1 application building blocks developed by Apliqo for their own products, but made available for free to Cubewise customers to help you avoid reinventing the wheel when building your own custom applications. The building blocks include pre-built time dimensions, best practice TI templates, smart security management, reconciliation and smart dimension management tools to name a few.

Apliqo UX is the ultimate front end for TM1 app builders that allows you to easily assemble robust, fully TM1-aware apps for reporting and planning. It can do dashboards like any other BI tool these days, but it is especially valuable when it comes to “curated apps” where users need an app to help them easily collaborate in workflow-based critical business processes like budgeting, forecasting and month end close.

Learn everything about Apliqo

The definitive FP&A suite with Apliqo FPM, a Consolidation and Close solution that addresses all your concerns, and the best interface for TM1 with Apliqo UX.